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Nutriterra Total Omega-3 Gummies Supplement Facts Panel

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Our Total Omega-3 sample gummies are made using Nutriterra Total Omega-3 Canola oil and Vitamin D3.

Nutriterra is the world’s first true plant-based source of DHA and EPA omega-3s, and is grown and pressed in the USA. Nutriterra is traceable from soil to oil. American canola growers are securing a new supply chain of omega-3 nutrition that has impacted production of food and supplements around the world. At a time when consumers are increasingly deficient in this important nutrient that supports heart health, brain health, eye health, and whole-body health, developing new sources of omega-3 nutrition has never been more necessary.

We chose to pair Nutriterra with Vitamin D3 in these gummies because, like omega-3s, it is also difficult to source for plant-based consumers. It is usually sourced from sheep’s wool, so this pairing is about meeting frequently unmet nutritional needs.

We hope that you enjoy our Total Omega-3 gummies, and enjoy good health for years to come.

  • Lot: 80012
  • Production Date: June 2024
  • Sample not for resale

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Nutriterra Total Omega-3 Oil Nutrition Facts Panel

  • Lot: D522.K22.RBD
  • Production Date: November 2022
  • Sample not for resale

1 gram of Nutriterra Total Omega-3 Oil contains:

  • 283 mg omega-3 fatty acids
  • 62 mg of DHA per serving
  • 4 mg of EPA per serving
  • 175 mg ALA per serving