Innovation of Omega-3 Canola Oil

Total Omega-3 Nutrition Rooted in Plant Based Science

Reinventing the Omega-3 Dietary Supplement Category

64% of consumers prefer plant-based omega-3s.
Ocean health and US grown are top consumer priorities.
Total Omega-3, including DHA, EPA, and ALA, in one source.

Global Collaboration

At the turn of the millennium, Australian researchers from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Grains Research Development Council (GRDC) developed a process to transfer omega-3 producing genetics of microalgae into canola. CSIRO and GRDC partnered with Nuseed to take this breakthrough from the lab to the field. Nuseed provided a robust selection of genetics in canola, breeding expertise, and production capabilities – transforming the concept into a commercial reality for human dietary supplements and fortified foods.

Traceable from Soil to Oil

Nuseed Omega-3 Canola is produced under the highest standards of traceability and responsible biotech stewardship, verifiable through detailed chain of custody records through the entire production, from seed to finished oil.
Nutriterra is a plant-based, expeller-pressed omega-3 oil. It’s made without solvents and thoroughly tested for natural contaminants, like heavy metals and free fatty acids.

Growing Solutions for the Growing Omega-3 Shortage

Total Omega-3 Nutrition

Neutral Taste. Positive Impact.

Nutriterra’s total omega-3 composition includes DHA and EPA similar to some fish and algal oils, double the ALA of conventional canola, and a smaller percentage of other long-chain omega-3s. Because Nutriterra is made with plant-to-plant biotechnology, it does not contain high saturated fats common to fish oil. And the mild taste and aroma allow for easy formulation for dietary supplements and fortified foods.

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