Nutriterra Conducts New Omega-3 Consumer Research

There’s a myth that the Omega-3  category is mature, without room for growth. If this were true, American consumers would be meeting the minimum daily recommended intake of 500 mg per day. But 83% don’t. The average US consumer is only ingesting 80 mg per day, and plant-based consumers are even more deficient without seafood and eggs in their diet.

It’s easy to assume that consumers don’t understand the importance of omega-3 for nutrition, but this is also a myth. Most consumers do understand the importance of omega-3 nutrition, especially for heart health and overall wellness, they just haven’t found an omega-3 supplement that meets their needs. 

Nuseed conducted research to understand sentiment toward omega-3s in general and to gauge specific interest in Nutriterra Total Omega-3, our plant technology that delivers a sustainable source of DHA+EPA and ALA.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Qualtrics and included over 1200 current VMS consumers. Participants were screened to emphasize Gen Z and Millennials (64%) and current or previous omega-3 users (84%).

Key findings included:

·        Ocean health is a top concern for 2/3 of consumers

·        Only 1 in four consumers are aware of non-fish sources of omega-3

·        64% of consumers prefer a plant-based omega-3 when presented an alternative to fish oil

·        Biotechnology is embraced by younger consumers and those who identify as health enthusiasts

One of the most positive findings in our consumer research is that 64% of respondents would prefer a plant-based omega-3 oil. Interestingly, there was a 24% increase (from 40%) in a plant-based omega-3 preference after reading Nutriterra’s product description.

Many consumers who initially preferred fish oil omega-3 switched their preference after reading the product description, which indicates that consumers will opt for an alternative that meets sensory preferences without compromising environmental health or nutritional needs.

With Nutriterra, consumers take comfort that omega-3 canola oil is reducing pressure on wild fish stocks to protect ocean habitats for future generations. For improved nutrition, Nutriterra provides a total omega-3 oil with DHA+EPA+ALA in one source. To encourage continued us, Nutriterra offers a neutral taste and aroma to overcome sensory objections consumers experience with marine-based oils.

With over 90% of consumers recognizing the advantages of taking this product over fish and algae sources, Nutriterra will disrupt the omega-3 category.

Stay tuned for more consumer research to follow, as we dive deeper into users’ perceived benefits, barriers, and concerns.